Have a special evening out or just want to decorate a special dresser or counter, this beautiful purse is just what you need.  All hand crocheted in cotton thread.  It is 9"x9" and comes in white or beige.
Sells for $58.00 S&H included
Now here are some very versatile beauties.  Use them as Pin Cushions, decorate your dresser, or maybe hang them on the wall. They average 5"-6" across.  Choose your style for only $17.00 S&H included
This page was last updated on: July 5, 2013
Something new has been added and this precious ballerina is just what you need to bring childhood back..  She is huggable and you can pose her  for bed or shelf sitting. She will delight all who see her.
Choose the color you like best and order one today.
They are designed and crocheted by My Lady especially for you.
She sells for $38.00 and that includes S&H.

Here we have a pair of wrist warmers, great for those days when a full pair of gloves are just too much.  These are also great for prom night or for your Wedding Day.  They can be made in any color to match your Bride's maid dresses.
$42.00 a pair, includes S&H charges.  Order yours today!!   Designed and made by My Lady

Here is a sample of MY LADY'S FINGERLESS GLOVES   Each pair is custom designed to the taste and size of the wearer.  You must allow 3 weeks for fitting and delivery.  They sell for $85.00 a pair
The Pagoda Purse

This beauty is also functional.  It's a great accessory for that special evening out, the prom, or just to decorate that special dressing table.

This piece is completely beaded and a one of a kind.  Get it before it is gone!!

Sells for $43.00 and that includes S&*H


Here is something for every taste.  Get a beaded cell phone bag the way you want it.
Bags custom fit to your phone and your desired color.  The strap can be shoulder length or to waer around your neck.  Always know where your cell phone is, $26.00 includes S&H

Lacy Victorian Purse
A My Lady's Original
A My Lady's Original
A My Lady's Original
A My Lady's Original
A My Lady's Original
A My Lady's Original
Here is a gem of an evening bag, simple and elegant.  Great for the prom goer too.  $32.00 includes S&H